To better accompany the elderly after a bed exit in medical institutions


The Challenge

Fall is the leading cause of accidental death for the elderly. One in three falls by age 65 and one in two above 75. The fear of falling limits the activity. After the first fall, the risk of recurrence is multiplied by 20. The longer the waiting time on the ground, the worse the consequences of the fall. Decreasing the risk of falling is a necessity.

At the same time, older people need to maintain autonomy and mobility to prevent early deterioration of their health. Encouraging travel without the fear of falling is a priority.

Today, nurses, especially at night, do not have any information on risky situations inside the room. A disoriented resident who is out of bed or who has fallen will only be discovered during a visit by caregivers.

Kaspard responds to this triple challenge: it allows nursing staff to better accompany elderly people in their bed exits.

The answer

Kaspard gives the alert in case of a bed exit, of a fall or of not returning to bed within a certain time. The nursing staff has continuous information and can intervene quickly to assist the resident when necessary. Each resident has a different risk profile and mobility potential.

Kaspard makes it possible to take into account these differences and sends the alerts according to predefined scenarios. This new system is a help for caregivers who can remain serene and vigilant throughout the night.


The device


A comprehensive solution. Easy. Inconspicuous. Contactless.

KASPARD has many advantages for both the resident and the medical team.

Placed at a height on the wall, KASPARD does not take up any space and requires no handling.

It is a distance sensor that detects the movement in the room thanks to its unique algorithm. It also totally respects privacy as there are no images. It is activated automatically without any human intervention. Even updates are carried out remotely. Furthermore, the distance sensor operates without any contact, or emission, taking into consideration each resident’s profile. The solution means it is not necessar y to use restraints and respects the residents’ privacy. Setting up resident profiles is easy.

Respectful for the residents
Respectueux des Résidents


  • No contact
  • No emission
  • Discreet – on the wall
  • Adapted to each need
  • Respects privacy
  • To avoid restraint
Help for the nurses
Aide pour le personnel soignant

Mainly at night

  • Impossible to be present in each room
  • Continuous information
  • To be informed of a risky situation
  • Integrated information in the local system
  • Easy to use
An advantage for the nursing House
Un atout pour la maison

A service +

  • Better secured rooms
  • Reassured families
  • Objective data
  • The knowledge of activities in the rooms





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Starting from

The full solution includes :

  • Detection devices
  • The central PC and software
  • The communication and software and smartphones
  • Activity reports
  • Installation andtraining
  • After sales service
  • Updates
  • Annual maintenance