The Kaspard device

A small, discreet and non-intrusive device is mounted on the ceiling.

It uses neither contact nor images, thereby ensuring privacy. It detects falls, residents leaving their beds and residents not returning to their beds. All types of falls are detected (soft falls, heavy falls, falls by slipping out of bed, etc.) throughout the room.

A user friendly solution for both the staff and the residents.

The staff does not need to install anything, the sensor is automatically activated according to a predetermined schedule. Residents do not need to wear any hardware, a problem is automatically detected upon its occurrence.

Multimodal alarm transmission

The teams receive alarms via the nurse call system, via their DECT phones or via the mobile phones provided. Its use is highly intuitive and integrates perfectly with standard alarm management.

détecteur de chute automatique

The algorithm


The algorithm embedded in the sensor analyses situations and processes the information.  Only the resident’s condition is sent to a local server. No data is processed in the cloud. The  device communicates via WiFi or via the local Ethernet network in the facility.


The unique algorithm was developed in the rooms, in 2 university hospitals and 4 residential  care facilities. It records real life situations that occur during the night. The observed  percentage of false fall alarms is less than 0.7%. 

monitoring des résidents
In practice

An innovative technology without video footage

The solution uses a remote sensor (ToF) that reconstructs the relief of the room in the form of a point cloud.

The point clouds are compared to precisely determine the movements and their locations.

A powerful, unique and scalable sensor

Kaspard has developed its own sensor to incorporate the most powerful and most suitable  components. We are also planning to let the device communicate with other connected objects  to facilitate information transfer.

The housing si screwed to a support placed in the ceiling. It can be unscrewed and easily moved to another support in another room. The system is configured remotely without requiring physical intervention in the room.
A turnkey solution

Kaspard is very easy to use. There is no need to invest in new technology, our system is  available as a subscription-based service that includes the following:

INSTALLATION: we have simplified our procedures to limit the time spent in each  room.

TRAINING: we have developed training tools to assist the care teams in integrating  Kaspard into their work practices.

ALARMS: they can be received on your DECT phone or on the smartphones provided.

REPORTS: we provide your multidisciplinary teams with the necessary information  about nightly movements.

FOLLOW-UP: we ensure the proper functioning of the devices and their updating:  you benefit at all times from the latest functions.


  • Electrical outlet
  • Connection via WiFi or via the Ethernet network
  • Simple and discreet ceiling mounting in the corner of the room

Observation : Reduction of falls by a factor of 3
in Kaspard-equipped facilities