A new paradigm in detecting, understanding and preventing falls.

Benefits to residents

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    Increased autonomy
  • icon-securite
    Sense of security
  • icon-tranquille
    Peace of mind

Benefits to the resident are multiple:

Falls are the leading cause of accidental death among the elderly. Every year, 1 in 2 people over 75 years of age falls, and in nursing homes, this number is rising as a person falls on average twice a year. 

When a resident falls, the outcome can be very serious, including major physical and mental trauma. 

bullet-50% 1 hour spent on the floor increases the risk of death in the next 12 months by 50%
bullet-x20 After a first fall, the chances of falling again increase 20-fold

In addition, the stress and anxiety caused by the event, as well as the fear of falling again results in residents limiting their own physical activity from 16 to 26%. 

They tend to withdraw from social life, which further worsens their health. 

Kaspard creates a safer environment for residents. Knowing that they will be assisted quickly in case of emergency, and that potential falls will be avoided gives them confidence and autonomy. This sense of security provides peace of mind, and enhances both physical and mental well-being.

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Benefits to families

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    Peace of mind
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    Insights on health condition

Knowing that our relatives are safe 

Who would not want to give up everything to know that their loved ones are in safe hands? With Kaspard, we make it happen. Residents are promptly assisted should a fall occur, and families feel relieved that their relatives are properly cared for in the nursing home.

At last, answers to questions 

Many falls go unnoticed by the staff. A resident may fall, and get back on his/her feet, without anyone ever knowing. As a result, families may find that their relatives are injured, but have no explanation for it. With alarms and 3D visualization of the falls, the staff can now provide families with answers, and reassure them that their relative was promptly and efficiently assisted.


Benefits to nursing home managers

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    Personalized Service
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    Quality and Efficiency
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    Support for the nursing staff

Fall occurrences impact both nursing homes and hospitals at the management level. Managers are directly affected by the well-being of their residents and nursing staff. In addition, fall prevention policies are important within healthcare facilities. 

Nursing staff burnout 

When caregivers work in a stressful and unsafe environment due to falls and their outcomes, burnout, decreased attendance, negativity, and so on, can occur. 

It is therefore crucial that all employees and residents evolve in the safest and most peaceful environment. This is what Kaspard is all about. Thanks to fall and too long bed exit alarms, which allow for a rapid intervention, caregivers can enjoy peace of mind and comfort at work, without extra workload.

Reliable cost-effectiveness 

Kaspard saves time and increases efficiency for the nursing staff, as reflect- ed in the economics. Fall-related care and management costs are significantly reduced or even avoided. 

Guaranteed Quality 

Leveraging Kaspard's technology enhances quality of life for both residents and nursing teams. Facilities equipped with Kaspard have reduced total falls by 67 %.

2 out of 3 falls are now avoided at night. Families take comfort in knowing that their relatives are safe, and facility managers can provide a safer environment with better care.

More efficient multidisciplinary teams

The 3D visualization of falls and activity reports provided by Kaspard offer unbiased and relevant data to nursing teams. This data provides a valuable tool and a reliable support during multidisciplinary discussions, and helps HCPs to deliver the best care for each resident according to his/her profile and needs. This empowers the facility.

The Kaspard system is not about controlling nursing staff performance, it is about continuously improving quality of care for the elderly. Its purpose is neither to stigmatize nor to point out any errors or dysfunctions whatsoever, but on the contrary to provide a support on a daily basis.

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Benefits to nurses and caregivers

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    Personalized care
  • icon-temps
    Better care and time savings
  • icon-comprehension
    Understanding why falls happen

Rapid intervention

Kaspard empowers care teams on a daily basis. By alerting them immedi- ately in the event of a fall or a prolonged bed exit, the system ensures quicker and more efficient responses. Response time decreased to less than 2 minutes on average. This is a valuable time-saving tool for the nursing staff, but also for the resident. 

Easy to use 

Kaspard fall sensor is easy to install and easy to use. Kaspard sends alerts to the DECT of the caregivers, who can work with peace of mind without additional workload.The Kaspard solution can also be integrated into the nursing home existing person-call system. 

Restoring confidence through a sense of empowerment 

Residents’ falls cause staff to feel stressed and scared, helpless and powerless. The emotional load is significant and affects wellness at the individual and workplace level. Kaspard gives staff peace of mind, knowing that they will be notified instantly when a problem occurs.

From ignorance to knowledge

Data and reports collected by Kaspard give staff a new sense of control. They know how a fall occurred and can take preventive action. By understanding residents’ activity patterns through reports, they can adjust their routine to meet the caring needs of each resident. 

Kaspard fall sensor is not about controlling nursing staff performance, it is about continuously improving quality and care for the elderly. They do not mean to stigmatize, nor to point out any errors or failures whatsoever. 

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Benefits to physicians

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    Understanding of falls
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    Personalized care

With advancing age, the body becomes more fragile. The outcomes of a fall injury can be very serious for the physical and mental health of the elderly, with an increased risk of making them dependent. 

In geriatrics, physicians have a key role in providing the most appropriate care possible while fulfilling the needs of each individual. 

Uncovering patterns 

It is not always easy to spot the first signs of deteriorating health. 3D visualization of falls and activity reports, once reviewed, provide relevant insights that allow physicians to detect signs or patterns. This makes it possible to be proactive in preserving the autonomy and independence of the residents.

Multidisciplinary teamwork

The actionable insights provided by Kaspard enables HCPs to adjust treatments for each resident, but also enables cross-functional teams to adjust treatment schemes with each HCP. A genuine collaboration between different functions is occurring to promote health and well-being. This teamwork also makes it possible, thanks to individual input, to advance research into the risk factors for falls. 

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Benefits for the IT department

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    Ease to use and safety
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    Preserving privacy

Choosing Kaspard means choosing simplicity 

Setup is performed effortlessly, quickly and seamlessly with your teams, according to your facility security requirements. 

From start to finish, we support you in every step of the process. Kaspard is able to integrate with your existing system, and gets connected over Wifi or Ethernet (POE). 

Thus, setting it up in a nursing home or hospital takes only a few hours, while moving a sensor from one room to another takes a few minutes.

General Data Protection Regulation compliant 

All stakeholders (management, caregivers, residents, families etc.) are notified of the type, use and retention of collected data. 

Preserving privacy and intimacy 

At Kaspard, residents’ privacy is a priority. The system preserves residents' privacy and intimacy. No video or audio is recorded. Our solution is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. 

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Customer Testimonials

Discover what users say about me, Kaspard.
Learn about what residents, and healthcare professionals have experienced.

“Kaspard makes our work easier.”

Kaspard has improved the workplace experience for our nurses. Nurses usually do 4 nightshifts to supervise everyone. Now, they know that between shifts, this system is in place to record data, and call them when needed. It provides additional monitoring, making their work easier and more comfortable.

“With Kaspard, we can now adjust our treatments.”

"It is not obvious with bed rails or for bathroom trips, for instance, but Kaspard is extremely important because it helps learning a lot about residents. We know if we need to adjust treatments or secure the room during the day. Kaspard can be an early indicator of declining physical and mental health. Given the health concerns residents have just experienced, Kaspard is a 'little' extra that's extremely important."

“Kaspard helps us understand nighttime behaviors.”

"Kaspard lets us adjust medication treatment in consultation with the primary physician. We can understand our residents' nocturnal patterns - why do they get up at that time of night? Do they receive their medication in a timely manner? etc. We use it to gain reassurance, and to understand nighttime behaviours. Once we have enough data, we can move Kaspard to another resident's room - it's unbelievably convenient!"

“Kaspard makes it possible to act much faster, more impor- tantly, before a fall.”

"Before Kaspard, the number of falls was obviously much higher. In a nursing home with an average of 4 rounds per night, it was not uncommon for a fall to occur, and to actually remain unknown until the next round, because residents in secured units often have dementia, and are not even aware they should use the nurse call system. Kaspard makes it possible to act much faster, more importantly, before a fall."

“This device is definitely all about preventing.”

"The real innovation of Kaspard is that we can now get to a resident before the fall occurs. Kaspard does detect anything that can happen prior to a fall. This device is definitely all about prevention."

“Families are amazed to see that such a device helps keep their loved ones safe.”

"When residents are confused, their families are the ones we deal with to ask for input. Families are delighted that this tool (Kaspard) is in place, and are amazed to see that such a device is available to prevent falls. Relatives are very happy that we have it in place to keep their loved ones safe - it's a huge benefit to the facility."

They trust us