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Kaspard Re!Bxl

Kaspard, the most effective ghostbuster for reducing falls

Written on 09 February 2022

Just over 3 years after its creation, Kaspard has become the most effective, least intrusive and most reliable fall detection solution on the European market.

Kaspard dans une chambre

Agoria talks about Kaspard and the peace of mind it brings with its fall detection device

Written on 09 February 2022

One in two people over the age of 75 falls at least once a year.

Femme paisible

Real-time information for early detection of falls - Figaro

Written on 09 February 2022

Kaspard, a very useful device in nursing homes. Philippe Kaplan discusses its usefulness:

Femme lit

Kaspard, a device that could save lives by reducing falls - Geeko le soir

Written on 09 February 2022

According to, more and more seniors fall every year, a problem that is taken very seriously by Kaspard, a Brussels-based scale-up that aims to prevent and detect falls.

Cover Puilaetco

Kaspard, the night watchman that helps prevent and reduce falls - Puilaetco

Written on 09 February 2022

Interview with Philippe Kaplan, founder of Kaspard, a device that detects and prevents falls among seniors.

illu la libre

La Libre talks about Kaspard's fall detection

Written on 25 November 2021

Being an entrepreneur in the medical sector is a real challenge, indeed the sector is very regulated, so risk-taking is very delicate, declared, on Tuesday, Sophie Lienart, coordinator of the Life Tech Brussels project, during the presentation of the proj

Illu Fokus

Article Fokus march 2020

Written on 25 November 2021

Falls are very common among the elderly and Kaspard aims to prevent and reduce them.

Ascom + Kaspard

Collaboration between Kaspard and Ascom Belgium

Written on 25 November 2021


Encore plus

Coming soon

Written on 25 November 2021

Omdat vandaag meer dan ooit de woorden veiligheid en welzijn van belang zijn, is onze oplossing terug in een ENCORE PLUS KASPARD versie, om u ENCORE PLUS aan te bieden.


Brussels-based Kaspard raises over €3M to accelerate the development of its fall detection device

Written on 25 November 2021

Kaspard recently raised €3 million to accelerate the project and recruit.


Kaspard raises €3.1million for fall prevention

Written on 25 November 2021

Exactly one year after its first fundraising, Kaspard is back, but with a much higher amount. Kaspard managed to raise 3.1 million euros thanks to several investors such as Finance&, Theodorus IV and ScaleFund, Marcel Hermann and Emmanuel Caeymax.


Belgium-based Kaspard secures €3.1M to protect the elderly from falling; here’s how

Written on 15 July 2021

“KASPARD aims to improve the quality of care for the elderly by enabling the staff to timely  intervene and offering them peace of mind during their night work”

[ Philippe Kaplan - CEO ]
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