A new paradigm in detecting, understanding and preventing falls.

Real-time information for early detection of falls - Figaro

Published on 9-02-2022

Kaspard, a very useful device in nursing homes. Philippe Kaplan discusses its usefulness:

Falls are increasingly common among the elderly, with one in three people falling from the age of 65 and one in two from the age of 75, and the consequences can be very serious. In nursing homes, the nursing staff has no information about the situation in the rooms. Therefore, when a resident falls, it can sometimes take several hours to discover it. The longer the time between the fall and the treatment, the more serious the consequences. This is why Kaspard was developed: to detect and prevent falls and to alert the nursing staff directly.

The box is placed in the corner of a room and is contactless and non-intrusive. It detects falls and bed discharges and informs the staff directly. Activity reports are issued after each night for a better understanding of behaviour.It is user friendly and can be adjusted according to resident profiles and staff needs. A real boon for residents, carers and families.

Kaspard is already deployed in more than 30 groups of retirement homes, i.e. 180,000 beds, and in some twenty hospitals.

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