A new paradigm in detecting, understanding and preventing falls.


Kaspard, a company at the cutting-edge of technology

Kaspard is an innovative, cutting-edge company. Our talented teams are carrying out a technology watch in several areas. 
Our solution is the result of extensive research and findings. 

It includes a scalable custom-made 3D sensor to meet your facility needs and stay innovative. The sensor runs on embedded software that uses a unique, patented algorithm that includes Artificial Intelligence.

Reliable and unobtrusive technology

This allows for safe detection without data transfer, while preserving not only resident’s privacy, but also the bandwidth of the facility.
Only the resident's current condition is sent to a local server, which uses a very low bandwidth usage (<2kb/s).
The sleek and unobtrusive design makes it the ultimate system to monitor residents seamlessly.

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Kaspard fall sensor is a 3D distance sensor based on a unique algorithm that combines 3D techniques with AI, while preserving residents' privacy.

1 Positioning

The Kaspard distance sensor is placed in the corner of the room, and covers it completely with a 90° angle. 

2 Relief
The distance sensor creates a point cloud that represents the relief of the room.
3 Motion
By comparing the relief moment by moment, our smart sensor identifies the movements in the room
1 2 3

When technology means teamwork

Kaspard provides a complete and integrated system for sending advanced detection alarms. Therefor, we work closely with nursing homes or hospitals and their partners. 

Moreover, Kaspard teams are also involved in data analysis. They have developed web APIs, based on customer feedback, that enable fall analysis and resident activity reporting. That’s an added value for the nursing staff. 


Are you passionate about cutting-edge technology, AI and other data sciences? 
Want to make a real societal impact? 
Want to be a part of the development of the 'room of the future'?

Come help us bring this innovative technology to our seniors!

Customer Testimonials

Discover what users say about me, Kaspard.
Learn about what residents, and healthcare professionals have experienced.

“Kaspard makes our work easier.”

Kaspard has improved the workplace experience for our nurses. Nurses usually do 4 nightshifts to supervise everyone. Now, they know that between shifts, this system is in place to record data, and call them when needed. It provides additional monitoring, making their work easier and more comfortable.

“With Kaspard, we can now adjust our treatments.”

"It is not obvious with bed rails or for bathroom trips, for instance, but Kaspard is extremely important because it helps learning a lot about residents. We know if we need to adjust treatments or secure the room during the day. Kaspard can be an early indicator of declining physical and mental health. Given the health concerns residents have just experienced, Kaspard is a 'little' extra that's extremely important."

“Kaspard helps us understand nighttime behaviors.”

"Kaspard lets us adjust medication treatment in consultation with the primary physician. We can understand our residents' nocturnal patterns - why do they get up at that time of night? Do they receive their medication in a timely manner? etc. We use it to gain reassurance, and to understand nighttime behaviours. Once we have enough data, we can move Kaspard to another resident's room - it's unbelievably convenient!"

“Kaspard makes it possible to act much faster, more impor- tantly, before a fall.”

"Before Kaspard, the number of falls was obviously much higher. In a nursing home with an average of 4 rounds per night, it was not uncommon for a fall to occur, and to actually remain unknown until the next round, because residents in secured units often have dementia, and are not even aware they should use the nurse call system. Kaspard makes it possible to act much faster, more importantly, before a fall."

“This device is definitely all about preventing.”

"The real innovation of Kaspard is that we can now get to a resident before the fall occurs. Kaspard does detect anything that can happen prior to a fall. This device is definitely all about prevention."

“Families are amazed to see that such a device helps keep their loved ones safe.”

"When residents are confused, their families are the ones we deal with to ask for input. Families are delighted that this tool (Kaspard) is in place, and are amazed to see that such a device is available to prevent falls. Relatives are very happy that we have it in place to keep their loved ones safe - it's a huge benefit to the facility."

They trust us