A new paradigm in detecting, understanding and preventing falls.

Kaspard, the night watchman that helps prevent and reduce falls - Puilaetco

Published on 9-02-2022

Interview with Philippe Kaplan, founder of Kaspard, a device that detects and prevents falls among seniors.

Kaspard was born after hearing many comments about falls and their consequences. During the night in nursing homes, staff often do not know when a fall occurs. And the longer the waiting time, the more serious the consequences of the fall.Thanks to a meeting with researchers, the idea became a reality.

The device is non-intrusive, non-contact and operates without images. It respects the privacy of the residents and can detect falls and leaving the bed for too long. When an anomaly is detected, an alert is sent to staff, allowing for a quicker response.

Kaspard works with many large groups, but also with independent residences. Many developments are planned, including worldwide expansion and a predictive component. Kaspard also wants to develop the system for elderly people living at home.

The Kaspard team is made up of different profiles and all share the Kaspard vision: improving the quality of care through information. The common values are important: innovation, efficiency, adaptation to needs, collaboration and balance of resources.

The Kaspard solution helps to reduce healthcare costs and improve the independence of older people. It provides a better quality of life for residents and helps to maintain as much of their independence as possible. Prevention and detection of falls is a crucial issue in homes and hospitals and thanks to Kaspard solutions are being put in place.

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