A new paradigm in detecting, understanding and preventing falls.

Agoria talks about Kaspard and the peace of mind it brings with its fall detection device

Published on 9-02-2022

One in two people over the age of 75 falls at least once a year. And this figure is at least doubled in nursing homes or institutions.Falls have enormous consequences for the elderly, and in the case of undetected falls the consequences become more serious. Often elderly people fall and are not discovered until hours later.This is why Kaspard was created: to prevent falls and to warn the nursing staff.

The Kaspard device is a small box that is placed in the corner of the room and which, thanks to ToF technology, detects falls and alerts the nursing staff. The technology works as a point cloud, no images are recorded in order to preserve the privacy of the resident.No data is stored in the cloud, everything is stored locally in the sensors and a central PC.

For ease of use, Kaspard's complete solution is available on a rental basis, which includes the detection devices and communication software, but also the smartphones to which alerts and information are directed.

Kaspard is already present in many residential and nursing homes and has already reduced the number of falls by a factor of three. The system prevents rather than cures, as the intervention of the care staff can take place before the fall thanks to kaspard. By preventing these falls, it also prevents others (e.g. room neighbours who get up to see what is going on or who fall because of fatigue). The system also makes it possible to remove restraints, restore the person's confidence and create a virtuous circle of resumption of normal activity.

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