A new paradigm in detecting, understanding and preventing falls.

Kaspard, a device that could save lives by reducing falls - Geeko le soir

Published on 9-02-2022

According to walloniesante.be, more and more seniors fall every year, a problem that is taken very seriously by Kaspard, a Brussels-based scale-up that aims to prevent and detect falls. Kaspard is a small, non-intrusive device that hangs from the ceiling of nursing home rooms.

It has been observed that the residents entering care homes are getting older and older, so the monitoring of the teams must be reinforced.The majority of falls in nursing homes are not detected by the staff. But falls have consequences. The consequences are diverse: psychological, psychomotor, broken bones,...Falls also have a societal cost, Kaspard aims to limit falls in order to limit the consequences.

The alarm, designed to detect and prevent falls, allows the nursing staff to be more serene during their rounds of the rooms. Indeed, when a resident falls or leaves his bed for too long, the staff is directly alerted and can then act much more quickly. This reduces the consequences.The device works with a distance sensor (ToF), which ensures privacy. It is completely non-intrusive, with no images and no light.

With this solution, the nursing staff can also understand the behaviour of the residents by analysing the events of the night. The device promises a better understanding of falls and individualisation of care through the integration of new data.

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