Falls are a global phenomenon and represent the leading cause of accidental death in seniors  aged 65 and over. In residential care facilities, night watches are organized in rounds, often  with several hours in between. Between these rounds, the care staff does not receive any  automatic real-time information to rapidly intervene in case of problems. This situation leads  to undiscovered falls and prolonged wandering, with serious consequences for the mental and  psychological health of the residents.

Kaspard provides unique functions to understand and reduce falls.

Understanding falls thanks to 3D simulation

In the event of a fall, Kaspard allows you to visualize in 3D format the occurrence and  circumstances of the fall. These 3D reconstructions enable you to understand the fall,  optimize the ergonomics of the room or adapt the resident’s care plan in order to avoid  recurrence. 

Reducing falls thanks to a unique function

With its prolonged bed exit alarm, the Kaspard system alerts you when a resident has left their  bed for an excessively long period, which can be personalized according to their profile. This unique function allows you to act before a fall occurs, thereby reducing the number of  falls by a factor of 3 in Kaspard-equipped facilities.