At night, the healthcare teams visit the residents at regular intervals, around every 3 hours.

In between rounds, the staff do not receive any real-time information. They are unaware of  adverse events and have no means of being automatically alerted in real time to rapidly take  control of risky situations.

Undiscovered falls

Falls are the leading cause of accidental death in the elderly. One in two persons aged over 75  has a fall every year.


Residents wander around too long, become anxious and get exhausted.


Unwanted visits to the other rooms. 

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The consequences

For residents:

  • Mental and psychological consequences: the longer the resident remains on the ground, the  worse the consequences of the fall
  • Self limitation of activity: 16% to 26%

For the staff:

  • Fear for undesirable events
  • Fear of spending too much time on a resident at the expense of the other residents
  • Use of restraints to limit the movements of residents
The lack of real-time information often prevents the nursing staff from intervening in good time

The solution:

Sending of alarms

Kaspard sends an alarm signal in real time to the staff who can then rapidly intervene, better  manage adverse events and offer better assistance to residents.

  • In case of falls

    The fall alarm alerts you as soon as a resident has had a fall and allows you to take swift  action and look after residents in distress. All types of falls are detected throughout the room.  The average response time is 2 min.

  • In case of prolonged bed exits

    You are alerted when a resident has left their bed for an abnormally prolonged period of time,  which can be personalized. This alarm allows you to prevent wandering-related risks  (subsequent fall, anxiety, behavioural problem, aggression, etc.).